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You are eligible to join RESDC as a Retired Employee Member if you are:

  • a retired employee of San Diego County who receives a retirement allowance
  • a surviving spouse

You are eligible to join RESDC as an Associate Member if you are:

  • an active employee of San Diego County
  • a deferred employee of San Diego County
  • a non-County-affiliated spouse of a current RESDC member

Why Become a Member

Advocacy & Representation.

We are an active association working on behalf of all San Diego County retirees to watch over and protect their interests. The 8th seat on the SDCERA Board of Retirement is elected by all retirees and has a fiduciary duty to represent all SDCERA members. RESDC is the only retiree organization recognized by SDCERA. Learn more about RESDC →


Our monthly newsletter, The NETWORK, keeps members informed of SDCERA Board of Retirement actions and legislation, upcoming meetings, retiree reunions and retirement related activities. We also post pertinent news items on our News Now page, and share information on Facebook and Twitter.

Benefits & Discounts.

Group benefits are available through RESDC, such as competitive dental and vision programs. Additional plans include travel insurance, pet insurance, home and vehicle insurance. We provide discounts on See’s Candy certificates, living trust estate plans, and a variety of amusement parks, movie theatres, and other attractions. Additionally, scholarships are awarded annually to eligible graduating high school students who are family of RESDC members.


In addition to a summer Flag Day celebration, an autumn Health Fair Picnic and festive Holiday Luncheon, we host bimonthly meetings highlighting relevant retiree issues through professional speakers. See our upcoming events →


Retired Employee Membership


Retired Employee Member Application

  • Print and complete the Retired Employee Member Application.
  • The last four digits of your social security number and your signature are required to have membership dues deducted automatically from your pension. Payroll deduction makes your membership easy: we don’t have to bill you, and you don’t have to worry about getting your dues in on time. Alternatively, if you wish to pay your dues directly to RESDC, you may do so on an annual basis; enclose a check payable to RESDC for $60 for your annual membership fee.
  • Mail your form to:
    • Retired Employees of San Diego County
    • 8825 Aero Drive, Suite 205
    • San Diego, CA  92123

Associate Membership


Associate Member Application

  • To be eligible for Associate Membership, you must be an active or deferred San Diego County employee, or a non-County-affiliated spouse of a current RESDC member. Associate Membership does not entitle you to vote or hold office in RESDC, but all other membership benefits apply. You must notify RESDC when you become retired.
  • Print and complete the Associate Member Application.
  • Mail your form along with a $12 check payable to RESDC for your annual membership dues to:
    • Retired Employees of San Diego County
    • 8825 Aero Drive, Suite 205
    • San Diego, CA  92123


If you have questions about membership, please contact our office at (619) 688-9229, toll-free at (866) 688-9229, or by email at

Encourage Others to Join

Growing the membership of RESDC is an important ongoing process. We need your help to reach out to retirees who have not yet joined!

By increasing our membership, we will be able to have:

  • a stronger advocacy voice against those who are trying to eliminate defined benefit retirement plans
  • more and better benefits to offer you and other retirees
  • more social opportunities where you will get a chance to reacquaint with long lost coworkers
  • more and deeper group discounts

Each One, Reach One

In our “Each One, Reach One” campaign, we ask that you reach out to just one fellow retiree to get them to join RESDC (more than one is great too!). You can refer them to our website for more information, or optionally print out the RESDC Brochure to hand to a fellow retiree; the application form and instructions on how to sign up are included.

Our staff is standing by to help you in this effort. If you identify a friend or former coworker you have talked to about joining RESDC, our staff would be happy to send them information, including a membership application. Simply call the office at (619) 688-9229 or (888) 688-9229, or email, and let us know the name and mailing address of the person you’ve talked to about joining.

RESDC works diligently to spread the word to retiring County employees, but many have already fallen through the cracks. We need your assistance to reach out to as many retirees as possible. Please join us in our efforts to grow our membership!