Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  How do I report a change of address?

Contact us by email or call our office at 619-688-9229 or toll free at 866-688-9229. If we are not in, leave a message on the answering machine.

Q. How can I become a member of RESDC?

Contact us and we will be happy to send you an enrollment packet so that you can become a member of our association. Or complete the application form, which you can find on our How Do I Join page, and mail to RESDC, 8825 Aero Drive, Suite 205, San Diego, CA  92123. (Note: An actual signature is required by SDCERA for payroll deductions.)

Q. I have lost my RESDC membership card. How can I get a new one?

Contact us by phone, mail, or e-mail and we will send you a new membership card.

Q. I can’t remember which dental plan I have. Do you have a record of my Dental plan?

Yes, if you call our office, we will be happy to look your name up on our dental plan records.

Q. Can I speak to the President or a Board Member?

The Board members do not work in our office and we cannot give out their personal phone numbers. You can go to the Board of Directors page and email them your concerns.

Q. I have a question about my health plan.

For questions about your health plans, please contact SDCERA (San Diego County Employees Retirement Association) at 619-515-6800 or 1-888-473-2372.

Q. Am I a Tier A member?

You are a Tier A member if you were hired into a permanent position with the County of San Diego, working at least 20 hours a week, on or after March 8, 2002, and before August 28, 2009.  If you were hired before March 8, 2002, and were an active member on March 8, 2002, you became a Tier A member unless you opted out during a one-time opt-out period that ended March 7, 2002.

Q. How can I order See’s Candy at the RESDC discount?

Please visit our See’s Candy Discount page for the latest pricing information and instructions on how to order.

Q. How can I change my beneficiary?

You must do this by contacting SDCERA.

Q. I have a question about my survivor benefits.

For questions about your survivor benefits please contact SDCERA.

Q. How can I report the death of a member?

Contact our office as well as the SDCERA office to report the death of a member.

Q. Does RESDC still have a scholarship program?

Yes, we award scholarships to graduating high school seniors who are immediate family members of a RESDC member. Applications are available from our office from January to March every year. Click here to find out more about the RESDC Scholarship Programs.

Q. Can I report a problem with my direct deposit to RESDC?

No, for problems with your direct deposit, contact SDCERA.